Pentair EC-180008- FNS Plus 48 DE Filter


FNS Plus Pool Filters are designed with curved grids to maximize filtration area. The internal design has been refined to minimize flow restrictions and, therefore, requires minimal pumping power to achieve a needed flow rate. This vertical-grid, D.E. filter is made of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene for superior strength and reliability.

Get the cleanest and clearest pool with Pentair 180008 FNS Plus Fiberglass Pool Filters. This durable filter features a stainless steel clamp to ensure proper tightness for tank halves, plus a unique spring mechanism that indicates when the filter is too loose or too tight. It works hard to keep your inground swimming pool looking great throughout the season. It’s the perfect choice for hassle-free, efficient filtration with its top-to-bottom backwash design, easy-to-lift grid assembly and bottom drain assembly. Plus, its 2″ plumbing connections ensure maximum water flow. Get it today and start enjoying crystal-clear water in no time! Order now to get the best price for the Pentair 180008 FNS Plus 48 DE Filter!