Introducing the Pentair EC-160317 Clean & Clear® pool filter – the ultimate solution for crystal clear water with minimal effort. Designed with advanced filtration technology, this exceptional system effectively removes particles as small as 30 microns – that’s smaller than a grain of beach sand!

Maintenance is a breeze with Clean & Clear®. Simply open the top, remove the cartridge, give it a quick hose-off, and voila! Your filter is ready to tackle another round of debris. With Pentair’s focus on durability, this filter is built to last. We’ve maximized cartridge surface consistency to ensure maximum trapping of solids, and only the toughest materials have been used to extend its lifespan.

Experience top-notch filter performance and hassle-free maintenance with the Pentair EC-160317 Clean & Clear® pool filter. Dive into a world of pristine water and enjoy worry-free relaxation in your backyard oasis.