RUUD009995- Raypak Digital Heater Copper Natural Gas 266k BTU


P-D266A-EN-C #50 266K NG IID 0-2K DIGITAL HEATER (RUD-15-9995)

Upgrade your pool or spa experience with the latest in gas heater technology! Raypak digital heaters are the perfect choice for swimming pool and spa owners. Featuring an electronic ignition, a digital thermostat and Polymer headers, they’re perfect for getting things just right. Plus, they use low NOx technology to reduce emissions of nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide by up to 60% compared to conventional heaters. Take the hassle out of managing your pool’s temperature with a Raypak digital heater – you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space more knowing that it’s safer for you and the environment. Plus, you won’t need any additional tools or accessories – it’s all included in the package. Order now to get the best price for the Raypak Digital Heater Copper Natural Gas 266k BTU!